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How to Plan A Designer Kitchens Remodel

Posted on October 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

When it comes to designer kitchens, Perth homeowners are often a little overwhelmed by the planning prospect. While a remodel can be a complicated process, there are some simple steps to help you nail your dream layout and design. A designer kitchen not only looks fantastic but features an efficient design that makes preparing a meal a breeze.

Think the Big Picture:

Your kitchen is not just an isolated room in your home, and it will need to flow into other areas including indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Designer kitchens should not be merely a thoroughfare as it will not only look crowded but could also be hazardous. To properly assess the big picture of your new kitchen, you need to think about where food will be carried and the fixed features of the room, including where the windows and doors are positioned. This will have an impact on where the essentials of your new kitchen can be placed.

Place Your Essentials:

The golden rule of any efficient kitchen is that there is a work triangle. This is formed by the three key elements of the kitchen; the cooktop, fridge, and sink create a triangle. Ideally, your design should feature these elements within a few steps of each other. Once these three items are placed, you can assess what space you have remaining for cabinets and other appliances.

Get Measuring:

While you may be confident about what space you have remaining around your kitchen, you also need to consider heights. The standard height of countertops in designer kitchens can vary from 88.5cm to 95cm. Most standard appliances are designed to work within this height range, so if you do want to go for lower countertops, you will need to think about your appliance options.

Ideally, you should have 150cm between any parallel counters to allow space for more than one person. You will also need 90cm of countertop space near the oven to allow space for food preparation and placing trays.

Think About How You Cook:

When assessing designs for designer kitchens, Perth homeowners need to give some serious thought to how they like to cook. There is no point in investing in a sleek, aesthetically clean design if you are the type of cook who likes to have everything immediately on hand. However, if you prefer to have everything hidden away and just get what you need out of any cupboards, you will need far more storage space.

If you are considering designer kitchens Perth WA homeowners should visit us. The Maker team can help you with a wide choice of plans for designer kitchens. We would be delighted to help you plan your ideal new kitchen and answer any queries you may have.